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Pennsylvania Dutch and Gettysburg

Students witness first hand the evolution of American Civilization as they tour this peaceful countryside dotted with one-room schoolhouses and windmills. The Amish community still lives here without the use of electricity or motor vehicles. This experience gives students a vivid point of comparison for the modern amenities that are a normal part of their everyday worlds.

Gettysburg: The Battle of Gettysburg, where thousands of Americans fought and died for their cause, lasted for only three days, but changed the course of American history for future generations. Students visiting this haunting battleground learn to connect the events of history with the human aspects and tragic consequences of the war that not only tore America apart, but also put it back together again.

Hershey and Hershey Park: A school trip to HERSHEYPARK is truly an educational experience! Students gain "hands on" experience in areas across the curriculum from Science to Math to Language Arts...even Music! In fact, using Chocolate as a thematic unit has become popular amongst educators who use a visit to the Park and HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD as the culminating activity for the unit!

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