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Take your dancers where the rhythm of their hearts meets the beat of iconic cities and stages. Our travel experiences for dancers are designed to inspire, captivate, and bring your ensemble to new heights.


Connect, Learn, and Perform! Dancers thrive when theory, practice, and performance converge in real-world settings. Our curated experiences offer the opportunity for your ensemble to participate in masterclasses led by seasoned professionals, gaining insights that go beyond the studio.

From classical ballet to the latest in hip-hop, our itineraries cater to a diverse range of dance styles, ensuring every dancer finds their unique expression.



Unleash the Magic on a Disney Stage: Imagine your dancers stepping into the enchanting world of Disney, where dreams take center stage. From classic fairy tales to contemporary wonders, let your dancers become part of the magic that defines Disney.

Feel the Energy of the Big Apple: New York, the city that never sleeps, invites your dancers to feel the pulse of its vibrant dance scene. Participate in masterclasses led by professional dancers, absorbing the essence of diverse styles from Broadway to street dance. Explore iconic theaters, witness breathtaking performances, and let the city’s energy become the backdrop for your dance journey.

Broadway Dreams Come Alive: Witness the magic of Broadway with exclusive access to incredible performances. Your dancers will have the chance to explore behind the scenes at some of the most amazing theaters, gaining a deeper appreciation for the art of performance. Let the dazzling lights of Broadway illuminate their path to inspiration and creativity.

Kick Up Your Heels in Chicago: For those craving a taste of the Midwest’s lively spirit, Chicago offers the perfect stage. From the historic theaters of the Loop to the lively beats of jazz and blues, your dancers will kick up their heels in a city known for its rich dance history.


  • Exciting Destinations

  • Incredible Performance Opportunities

  • Workshops led by Dance Professionals

  • Immersive programs

  • Behind the scenes Broadway tours

  • See the hottest Broadway shows!

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