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Senior Class Trips

As the academic year concludes and the hard work becomes a proud accomplishment, it’s time to celebrate with a Senior Class Trip that marks the culmination of your student’s high school journey. At Gerber Tours, we believe in creating memorable experiences that go beyond the classroom, offering a range of exciting destinations and customizable options to make your graduation trip truly unforgettable.


From Broadway to Busch Gardens®: Endless Possibilities!

Amusement Parks: Experience the excitement of roller coasters, themed attractions, and live entertainment at renowned amusement parks.

Immersive Experiences: From historic sites and cultural landmarks to interactive workshops that span a variety of disciplines, our immersive experiences are designed to inspire curiosity, stimulate critical thinking, and deepen their understanding of the world.

Broadway Shows: Immerse your group in the magic of Broadway with unforgettable performances and a taste of the arts and culture scene.


Explore Our Top Senior Trip Destinations:

New York City

Walt Disney World®

Universal Studios®


Washington D.C.

and many more!


Why Choose Gerber Tours for your Senior Class Trip?

Diverse Destinations: Whether your students dream of thrilling amusement parks, trendy shopping districts, culturally immersive experiences, or the bright lights of Broadway, we have a destination to match every desire.

Tailored Experiences: Our experienced team understands that every graduating class is unique. That’s why we offer customizable options, allowing you to shape the trip to align with your student’s interests and preferences.


If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for among our top destinations, Gerber Tours specializes in crafting tailor-made experiences. We can customize a graduation trip to any destination, ensuring a unique experience for your students.


  • Large or Small Groups

  • Exciting Venues (Beaches, Amusement Parks, & more)

  • Lasting Memories for High School Seniors

  • Thrilling Educational Adventures

  • Free Chaperones

  • Customized Itineraries

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