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Will my group travel with other groups?

Each of our tours is customized for your group only. You will not be traveling with any other schools or groups.

What is included in my tour cost?

Gerber Tours handles every detail of your tour from start to finish including, reservations for ground and/or air transportation, hotels, meals, attractions, and events.

How do I collect registration forms and payments?

We have simplified Tour Registration and Payments with our Participant Billing Program, saving you the time and effort of collecting and managing payments for your group, while providing you daily updates regarding registrations, cancellations, and payment status changes of each participant. Participants submit their Registration Forms, deposit, and remaining payments directly to us either online or by mail.

Are chaperones included in the tour?

Yes! For maximum safety, we encourage ample adult supervision on each tour. We include one chaperone for every 20 students. We will also build into the cost as many additional chaperones as you like.

How do you handle dietary restrictions?

We try to provide as many options for your group as possible. Many of our venues offer gluten and dairy free options as well as accommodate any allergies. Upon registration, each participant is required to fill out any dietary restrictions they may have.

Do you offer support while we are on tour?

Yes! We provide 24/7 support. You can reach us at any time by calling 800.645.9145. If you are on tour outside our normal business hours (9 am to 4 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday) press one, for assistance. You will be connected directly to one of our Executives.

What about the safety and security of my students?

The safety and well-being of our travelers is our top priority. We are one of the original and founding members of the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA representing the interests of student and youth worldwide and promoting integrity and professionalism among student and youth travel service providers. We helped create and implement SYTA safety and liability requirements for youth travel operators. Members are required to adhere to a code of ethics higher than industry-standard, maintain proper insurance for customers, vendors and employees, have sound operating procedures, and provide strict safety measures for each participant.

Also, night security is available for every tour.

How is fundraising applied to my tour cost?

Fundraising money and other funds can easily be applied to your tour.  Check out these awesome fundraising sites:

Here are some other “do it yourself” fundraising ideas we’ve heard about which can be both fun and successful!

  • Hold a car wash on a Saturday or Sunday
  • Hold a bake sale during the school day
  • Collect bottles and cans from around the neighborhood and cash them in
  • Collect recipes from parents and compile a recipe book that you sell to raise funds towards your trip.

When students put their own energy into paying for their trip, they feel a great sense of ownership and accomplishment. Good luck!

Can parents or guest travel with my group?

Parents can participate based on the decision of the Tour Organizer and the needs for chaperones.

Do you accommodate handicapped participants?

Yes! We welcome all participants and will go above and beyond to accommodate the students’ needs. Please contact us directly regarding any special needs.
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