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St. Louis

An educational tour of St. Louis will introduce students to a unique blend of tourist attractions, like the famous Gateway Arch. From the top, students can see up to 30 miles in each direction! From touring the City Museum to checking out the zoos, gardens, and the famous Forrest Park, students cram their day with sightseeing, food tasting, and learning about one of the most dynamic cities in our country. Students are surprised to learn about the many contributions St. Louis has had over the years to our modern society. From an outstanding baseball team to theme parks and riverboat cruises, St. Louis is a blend of old-school elegance and contemporary cool.


  • The Gateway Arch

  • The Gateway Arch Riverboat Cruise

  • St. Louis City Museum

  • St. Louis Zoo

  • Missouri Botanical Gardens

  • St. Louis Science Center

  • Muny Theatre

  • Six Flags St. Louis

  • Busch Stadium

  • St. Louis Art Museum

  • Grant’s Farm

  • Forest Park

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