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Don’t worry about your student tour planning, We got this!
At Gerber Tours, we provide comprehensive tour planning services handling every detail of your tour from start to finish.
Gerber Tours strives to make every tour the best it can be. That’s why we include many additional items in our tours. Every Gerber Tours tour includes the following:
  • Pre-trip access to our team of travel experts for complete itinerary planning.
  • Completely customized tours that meet the unique needs of your group.
  • Reservations for ground and/or air transportation, hotels, meals, attractions, and events.
  • Highly experienced, student-friendly Tour Guides.
  • New for 2023/2024 “On-Tour” Mobile App giving participants access to all their trip information with real-time GPS Tracking for additional student safety.
  • Customized materials to help communicate tour details to students, parents, and chaperones.
  • Complete Online Payment Program allowing participants to submit their Registration Forms, deposit, and payment directly to Gerber Tours.
  • Online tools for participants to help manage their registration and payments, rooming lists, bus directions, and more!
  • Convenient billing and payment options.
  • Free Chaperones – One chaperone is included for every 20 students. We will build into the cost as many additional chaperones as you like.
  • 24/7 access to a Gerber Tours contact for any reason.
  • Accident, illness, and accident-related dental insurance for each traveler.

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